10 Beauty Tips For Summer

Staying beautiful and fresh throughout the summer, it does not improvise.Follow our plan of attack and irradiate until the re-entry.

Chic, it’s hot, it’s fine, we can (enfiiiiin) stand out our pretty skirts and light tops. To play with lightness and elegance until the re-entry, these few golden rules will help you to prevent the small evils of the summer and their unsightly consequences on our appearance.

1 – Shine Alert

The good weather, we say yes, the shiny skin, we say no. How to keep a matte complexion all summer? Opt for a cleansing water without rinsing morning and evening, and prefer a non-greasy and mattifying moisturizing cream. You tend to bud when it’s hot? Apply a matifying mask at least once a week, and avoid scrubbing which will only aggravate the problem. Do not hesitate to tap your skin several times a day with a wipe absorbing the excess of sebum.

2 – Mollo on the make up

Because even the princesses sweat when warm, have a light hand on the makeup once the beautiful days arrive. We forget the foundation, and we prefer a corrective cream (CC Cream) integrating a sunscreen (as long as to do) that will correct small imperfections and harmonize our complexion. With a zest of blush on the cheekbones, a layer of concealer on the eyelids to fix the pigments of your makeup, you will remain perfect even if the air conditioning of the office breaks down.

3 – Apply your sunscreen properly

 Should we still say it: sunscreen is essential throughout the summer, and not only at the beach. As soon as your skin is exposed to the sun, it needs enhanced protection. If you think about creaming your face and cleavage, you often forget other equally essential areas. The forearms and hands when driving in the car (the UVBs pass through the windows), the lips that are protected by a UV balm, ears and neck, often affected by skin cancer. Adept from the siesta to the beach? Think of spreading the underarms of a sweat-resistant cream before you fall asleep with your arms crossed, as well as the feet (top AND below). Ask your neighbor to generously create your back, and do not forget the back of the legs.

 4 – Putting your hair under protection

Sea water, chlorine, sun, wind dry up and tarnish our hair, which looks more like a fishing net than a mermaid mane. If you have a coloration, it can turn to the complete cata. Invest in a mask or oil containing a UV filter (or a KPF index, the hair equivalent of the SPF of the skin) and apply it generously before each exposure. In the evening, rinse with lukewarm water with a few drops of vinegar to remove residues. If you have long hair, make service by attaching them as soon as the mercury exceeds 25 ° C, you will limit the efforts of your body to regulate its internal temperature.

5 – Standardizing your tan

A pretty tanned complexion that will make the girlfriends rush at the return of the summer, you say yes? Do not forget to put in your vanity case a scrub to apply by gently massaging your skin BEFORE entering the shower. You eliminate dead cells, unify the complexion and promote the penetration of moisturizers. Fragile skin will opt for a gentle exfoliation formula, and will be limited to a scrub per week max. And because it is better to cheat than to abuse the sun, mix a little self-tanning with your moisturizer to prolong the good-looking effect.

Good product ideas?

  • Soft body scrub Avène: gently removes dead skin and leaves the skin soft. Price about 15 €.
  • Self-tanner Moisturizing Milk Face and Body Laboratories Vichy, to be applied 2 to 4 times per week for a progressive tan coupled with an intense hydration. Price about 10 €.
  • NUXE Bio tanning extender, which soothes the skin after exposure, unifies and illuminates the tan. About 12 €.

6 – To hydrate without counting

During high heat, it is essential to drink at least 1.5 liters of water to give our body the water it needs. Let’s not forget that the body is made up of 60% water! Do not wait to be thirsty to drink: the thirst comes when the body is already dehydrated. Always have a bottle of water handy in your bag, especially at the beach. Gourmet drinks by testing our tasty recipes of smoothies (without added sugars), popsicles and detox ultra trendy this summer, not forgetting refreshing cold soups, rich in water too. Remember for all intents and purposes that rosé does not hydrate, nor more than any other alcohol.

7 – Pamper your skin after the beach

 Between sand, wind, salt or chlorine, the skin is often dried out at the end of the day lazing around. Back at home, it is refreshed with cleansing foam or micellar water for the face and décolleté. A spray of floral or thermal water is added to the soothing properties after showering. And of course, generously applied after-sun care that will nourish and rehydrate deeply the epidermis warmed by the sun.

8 – Keep your leg light

To avoid the feet swollen and the problems of circulation, one pampered his gambols throughout the summer. Apply morning and evening a fresh gel by massaging your legs from the ankle to the groin: you give a boost to your circulation and wrap yourself in a delicious sensation of freshness. If you are prone to traffic problems, repeat the operation during the day by slipping a fresh spray into your bag for. Reduce spices, alcohol, coffee or salt in your diet, finish your showers with a stream of cold water on your legs, place a cushion under your feet at night and do not imprison your feet in shoes too tight.

9 – Pampering our feet

Highlighted in our summer sandals, our feet require special attention. Even the princesses sweat, as has already been said, so change your shoes every day to allow your inner soles to dry. Add in your footwear coal-based soles, which have the fabulous ability to absorb moisture and odors. If your feet sweat a lot, rub them with an alum stone that will regulate sweating. On leaving the shower, apply a special moisturizing foot cream, insisting on the driest areas. Avoid stripping them too often with a grater: once or twice a month, it is enough to eliminate the horn. If you wear closed shoes, sprinkle your feet with talc that will limit sweating.

10 – Eat orange

Work your beautiful complexion from the inside and extend your tan by filling your plate with fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene. This provitamin A stimulates the production of melanin which gives our skin its bronzed color and also protects it from the oxidizing effect of free radicals. Where to find it? In orange fruits and vegetables, apricots, mango, grapefruit, carrot … and some green vegetables like pepper, spinach or watercress.

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