5 reasons your back hurts

5 reasons your back hurts

We list the most common reasons for back pain, and how to get rid of it using back pain cream.

Back pain is a common malady for most people, whether they lead active or sedentary lives. The following are 5 common reasons for back pain:

1. Improper posture. A wrong posture is often the most common reason for back pain. Ideally, your shoulders should be pushed back, chest should be out and spine straight, but without exerting undue pressure. If your shoulders slump forward or if you slouch in your seat, the spine is set into an unnatural position. Correct your posture and push your shoulders back even when you’re sitting down.

2. Your mattress is too soft or too hard. Another common reason for back pain is a faulty mattress. When you lie down on it, the mattress must shape itself to your natural contours but without dipping under your weight. If it dips excessively, such that your body sinks into it, then the mattress is too soft. Similarly, if the mattress feels unyielding like a board, then it is too hard. Get a firm mattress that offers sufficient cushioning and support.

3. Your chair doesn’t have a good backrest. You could be sitting in your chair all day as you work. Soon, you feel stiffness and pain in your back. Check your chair – though it has comfortable armrests and a high back, is the back designed to fit your spine? Some office chairs are designed specifically for prolonged use, and the back is curved to mimic the natural curve of your spine. Thus, it offers sufficient contact and support even if you sit in it for hours. Keep a small cushion to rest your lower back, just in case.

4. Too much/wrong exercise. Exercise can strain the body, but when it is done right, the muscles contract slowly and the body recovers itself completely. But wrong moves, too many strenuous exercises, and adopting the wrong posture when working out, can all harm the back irreparably. Lifting heavy weights without adequate back support can cause tremendous strain, misalignment of the spine, and even ligament tears. Combat back pain with a good back pain cream. Keep a tube of back pain cream in your workout bag, or next to your bed so that you can apply the cream whenever your back hurts.

5. Insufficient rest. Sometimes, your back pain is the result of not getting enough sleep at night. Your overworked back needs to relax and the painful muscles need enough time to rejuvenate themselves. Lack of sleep can make a painful back worse. Before going to bed, apply back pain cream and ensure that you get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Knowing the cause of your back pain can help you treat it properly, using a good back pain cream. But if the pain is too severe, it is best to visit a doctor and get the right treatment.

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