5 Self-care, Self-pamper Ideas For You And Family

5 Self-care, Self-pamper Ideas For You And Family

People at work and exhausted stay-at-home parents need to cope with stress on a daily basis. Despite deadlines and obligations, we should not neglect our own well-being. For a lot of people, stress leads to troublesome allergy symptoms.  So it is only smart to have a work-life balance plan. Moreover, indulge on some self-care and self-pampering activities every now and then.

You may be a busy mom who also has a thriving yet demanding career. At work or at home, a few moments of freedom is hard to come by. However, when you get a chance to be alone, you can’t just take some me time. You hesitate, constantly thinking that you can’t leave your family at home on their own.

Give yourself a break. You’re a mother. Your DNA would dictate you shouldn’t leave your family behind while you are having the best time of your life in a health and wellness spa. Taking care of yourself is not a sin. Taking a little time off in a day is not selfish. It’s about treating yourself kindly the way you treat others. Not taking the time for some essential self-care may only set you up for an explosion of pent-up emotions, eventually.

For your sanity, be guilt-free about pampering yourself. Get your family involved. Ask them to come along on a special pamper day.  You may choose to talk to your spouse to set a date for this.

Here are some self-pamper ideas for you and your family. As a bonus, you can do all of these at home. Cheap and fun, right?

1. Home Spa

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a very calming spa. Create a custom weekend spa treat for the whole family.

Splurge a little bit with a home spa kit. This usually includes, face masks, massage oils, bath oil, pedicure and manicure set, and more. You can also burn some scented candles on the side. The scent of the vanilla or lavender will complete the spa ambiance.

If your budget is limited, you can make your own all-natural foot scrubber recipe. Take for instance a peppermint foot scrub. Mix one cup of granulated sugar to coconut oil, and add few drops of peppermint essential oil. Now, you have a soothing foot scrubber recipe.

If you still have a newborn, don’t worry. You don’t have to call the nanny every time you have your weekend spa. You can put down your little one in her bassinet and pop a pacifier in her mouth. Voila! You have your spa treatment in at least an hour. Enjoy a day of laughter, good conversation, and a lot of foot scrub.

2. Put on a DIY Face Mask

Keep your skin properly hydrated. You don’t want breakouts on your skin. The good news is you don’t have to spend money for face masks. There are tons of homemade face masks that you can make for the whole family. You only need two or three ingredients from your kitchen and you can pamper yourself and your family with a perfect face mask.

Try avocado mask in your next facial mask session. Just mash one ripe avocado along with plain yogurt and honey to make a paste. This softens, smoothes, and moisturizes your skin in no time at all.

Are you worried that your teens are having an acne problem? Make some egg white or honey-lemon mask. Both are great for oily skin as these have ingredients that tighten the pores and anti-bacterial properties that relieve skin inflammation. These face masks also help exfoliate skin and minimize dark spots.

3. At-home Date Night

A nice date doesn’t have to be just for two all the time. Gather the whole family for a slumber party. Who says slumber parties are only for kids and teens? Share some bowls of popcorn, ice cream or stir some hot chocolate for your movie night on a cozy weekend night. Bring out all the endorphins in there. Watch a funny family movie, a wholesome chick flick, or some safe-for-kids hilarious videos on YouTube.

4. Yoga

Introduce new technique of relaxation and overall fitness with your kids (and spouse) through yoga. There are several yoga programs for kids that you can do together. Make every yoga session a fun family affair so everybody will ask for more in the next weekends.

5. Cook Along

Prepare the family’s favorite dish. Pop in the oven your most mouth-watering pot roast or Beef Wellington. Whip up some cupcakes with the kids and let them decorate the way they like. You can also blend some refreshing, delicious fruit smoothies for them while you spend the whole afternoon sitting in the front porch or at the garden.

A good chat with family members can have a positive impact on everyone. It is vital in building self-confidence among the kids. That’s just icing on the cake for the breath of fresh air that you get from these recommended activities. However, if cooking a fancy meal causes you greater stress, you can always ask your spouse to step up. Or, you can just call your favorite takeout place.

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