About Bone marrow transplant treatment

About Bone marrow transplant treatment

In the last half century, hematopoietic stem cell transplant and bone marrow transplant is being used in increasing frequency. This is to provide treatment to different types of non-malignant and malignant diseases. With medical techniques, supportive therapy and indications getting advanced with each passing day, hematopoietic stem cell transplant is stated to be a much advancing field especially in the domain of human disease and treatment.

Historical background

Radiation effects on human body is said to have generated increased interest for fears of the start of nuclear warfare during the “Cold War” era. Studies previously conducted with animals revealed clearly that the organ that is the most sensitive one towards facing radiation caused damaging effects is the bone marrow. Marrow cell reinfusion was used subsequently for rescuing those lethally irradiated animals.

Patients during the 1950s were said to be provided with lethal radiation dosage for treating leukemia. Even though, several were noticed to have hematologic recovery after getting this form of treatment, all patients were noticed to have succumbed eventually to the infections or malignancy relapse. During 1950s & 60s, about two hundred allogeneic marrow transplants had been performed in human beings. However, no long term success had been achieved. It is at this time that identical twin donors when used for the transplantation purpose did offer some success, while providing crucial foundation for continued field clinical research. Now, patients across the globe can easily avail low cost of bone marrow transplant in India and get fully recovered from their diseases.

The bone marrow

The initial landmark with regards to bone marrow transplantation is said to have occurred with great success in allogeneic transplantation in 1968. It was performed on an infant facing X linked lymphopenic immune deficiency. The other was suffering from Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. The success then got followed up with effective aplastic anemia and leukemia transplantation. Histocompatibility testing advanced as well as marrow donor registry development is said to have facilitated the usage of unrelated donors. Hence, the number of people receiving transplants has expanded dramatically.

Cord blood

It was a young boy suffering from Fanconi anemia had witnessed successful transplantation in 1988, by making use of umbilical cord blood that was collected during his sibling’s birth. Patient has been found to be alive and kicking. Successful cord blood transplantation took place in 1992 instead of the bone marrow to treat leukemia. Cord blood is being used on a wide scale from the last decade. Using cord blood in the form of stem cell source, over 2000 transplants are said to have taken place.

Cord blood is being used for transplantation purpose for any disease state, where bone marrow also can be used.

Getting treatment in India

India is a fast emerging medical hub, boasting of having almost all the modern technology, medical equipments, tools and resources just like another developed western country. The doctors here are all well qualified and are confident of providing the best results. Moreover, the bone marrow transplant cost in India is quite low,  thus enabling people from far and wide to come down to this country to seek long term remedy, satisfaction and happiness.

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