All the apps to manage well asthma and allergies


Asthma or allergic rhinitis are most prevalent in the spring. Websites and apps swarm with information and tips to help prevent their onset and better control their symptoms.

Allergy caused by pollen, also called “allergic rhinitis”, is one of the most common. It would affect nearly 30% of adults and 7 to 20% of children according to an ANSES expert report published in March 2014.

Numerous tools and mobile applications have been developed to help patients better understand their illness and to manage the associated symptoms.

– National Aerobic Monitoring Network (NNSA) and Pollen Alert

Designed to investigate and analyze air pollen and mold data, the RNSA regularly publishes seasonal bulletins and vigilance maps, indicating allergic hazards by pollen type and by city. The site has launched its dedicated application (on IOS and Android) entitled “Alert pollens” which offers advice to manage its allergy everyday and offers various associated services including weather or air quality.

– Allergy track

Developed by Stallergènes SA in association with the Association Asthme & Allergies, this application available for iPhone and iPad allows to generate a useful logbook to note the frequency and the periodicity of the allergies, to evaluate the importance of its symptoms, noting feel it or share its data with its attending physician to find and adjust a suitable treatment. An “alert” function allows you to know the periods at risk and fact sheets and tips complete the whole system.

– My asthma

Pioneer of applications in the field, “My Asthma” was designed by the GSK laboratories and labeled by the Asthma & Allergies Association and the National Committee for Respiratory Diseases (CNMR). Available free on the Applestore, it offers several features such as the ability to perform an asthma control test, regardless of age, to better assess and control its condition. “My asthma” also allows you to record emergency treatment catch and geo-localize approved asthma schools. An agenda keeps track of the follow-up and provides advice and guidance.

– AllergiK

Playful and above all intended for children and parents of children allergic, this application specific to cross allergies was launched by the laboratory ALK in partnership with the association Asthme & Allergies. Designed to play by learning, it also offers a space for medical follow-up to manage appointments and treatments. A cross-allergen identification system is also being developed to learn more about these diseases.

– AsthmaCrise

AsthmaCrise is a AsthmaCrise application developed by the AstraZeneca laboratory in partnership with Asthma & Allergies for three profiles: adults, children and teenagers, as well as parents or relatives of young asthmatics. In order to learn how to better manage the asthma crisis, the application offers a wide range of tools and resources: identification and recording of triggering factors, conduct to be taken, emergency alert by SMS, crisis tracking log and maps or alerts in case of pollution.

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