Asthma and allergies, how to live well in spring?


Spring is coming, and with it allergy and asthma attacks, linked in particular to tree pollen, grass and air quality.

To avoid crises, there is no need to stay locked up. A few simple gestures help limit exposure to allergens.

First thing to do against seasonal allergies: know which enemy to fight

If you have a runny nose, scratchy throat, red eyes, if you start coughing and your wheeze becomes wheezy, you probably develop a seasonal allergy.

To know how to treat your symptoms, it is important, initially, to identify which triggers. A visit to an allergist, will allow you to determine the allergens that cause all your ailments. It will therefore be easier to set up a plan of attack against these allergens. Please note that consultations with an allergist are taken care of by your mutual M as Mutual as part of your health contract.

Pollens and molds, key officials

For many people with allergies and asthma, pollens and molds are involved. If this is your case, you have certainly noticed that your seizures become more frequent in the spring, as the weather warms and the air dries. Some simple gestures to adopt:

  • Close the windows at night to prevent pollens and molds from returning,
  • Ride with the windows of your car closed,
  • Prefer to stay indoors, if you can, between 5:00 and 10:00, peak pollen times,
  • Avoid mowing the lawn,
  • Take a shower and change when you go home,
  • Limit a walk in the forest or picnic in the grass …

There are allergens in the air

Air pollution is another trigger for respiratory allergies and asthma. Even though this pollution exists all year, it is more noticeable in the spring, at a time when the air warms and where one exits more.

Main accused in this case: ozone and fine particles. If you are particularly sensitive to air pollution, it is  best to inform you about the air quality in your area before planning your trips. This measure is even more valuable if you live in a city where air quality is the most degraded.

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