Beauty around the world: 10 tricks without borders!

By doing some research on the web, we realized that the same beauty tricks are repeated, often, always! We found no originality or new proposals. Then we thought of Cleopatra with her famous donkey milk bath, and if each country had its own beauty ritual? As we have often heard that beauty is relative without too much understanding what it means, we have sought to finally find out why! For us it is relative in the sense that in every region of the world the beauty priorities of women are different, and their ways of remedying their little hassles are peculiar to each. Today we are going to make together a tour of the world of the most popular beauty techniques in different countries of the World, history to see if the grass is actually greener elsewhere. Australia, India or Brazil our trip will be more than useful and will allow you to update your care rituals. No secret will be neglected!

1- India

Women in India are known for their long, strong and shiny hair. Their secret? Coconut oil! In massage on the scalp once a week your hair will become noticeably stronger.

2- Italy

In Italy, the beauty treasure is olive oil. It nourishes and softens the lips and the body.

3- China

The fight against aging is visibly international! Women in China are known for their longevity thanks to white tea that protects the skin from free radicals.

4. Brazil

In the country of the Samba the cult of the beautiful body is omnipresent. And to fight the cellulite the women make scrubs to the sand, which eliminates the latter and stimulates the skin.

Sand and salt scrub at the Chi Spa at Shangri La Boracay Resort and Spa, Boracay, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Asia

5- Zimbabwe

In lack of energy? Dull skin? Inspire Zimbabweans, who use hot lemon tea, their ally detox and energy.

6- The Dominican Republic

If you meet a Dominican, you will notice her nails beautiful and strong. How do you get the same result? Like them, crush the garlic and add it to a transparent base, the smell can be early generating but it disappears.

7- India

Another trick to pique the Indian: Turmeric. Energizing and anti-bacterial, this is an indispensable beauty.

8- The Philippines

For shiny, hydrated hair, philippines use aloe vera gel before each shampoo.

9- Ireland

Irish women take baths of seaweed. Thanks to the alginic acid, they are the secret for a beautiful, hydrated and soft skin.

10- The Czech Republic

The Czechs turn to the nettle to give volume to the fine hair, and to absorb the excess of fat in the hair. To avoid irritation it is best to boil the leaves before use.

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