Best treatments to avoid Headache

Best treatments to avoid Headache


In this modern busy life headache is the main problem everyone facing it often and that leads to stress, lack of completeness, irritation, frustration, anger etc,. Headaches cannot be prevented permanently but there are solutions to get relief from it quickly. This article is about the best treatments’ for headaches


Herbal Treatment for Headache

There are two different types of headache are in common that are primary and secondary. No need to much worry about primary headaches these are caused due to tensions, frustration, lack of eye power, cluster, migraines, etc,. But the secondary headache is the major problem causes due to infections, weakness, pressure, etc these types of headaches need major treatment to get relieved from it. Herbal treatment can be taken for both primary and secondary

Migraine headaches can be identified if the person is sensitive to noise, light and influences. If often comes with dizziness and nausea. If the headache stands for long time and getting often in short time then the person is suffering from cluster. Tension headache caused first with back of your neck that will be dull and throbbing pain.

The well known medicine feverfew everyday treats the pain of migraines, and also reduces their frequency. Another herbal medicine to migraine headache is gingko biloba, it increases circulation in your blood vessels and decreases inflammation.

To avoid tension headaches take medicines which has sedative and antispasmodic elements that keeps the person relax, increases the blood flow and feel less anxious. Some of the herbal teas like green tea, lemon, passion flower, skullcap and lavender tea keeps tension headache away. Chamomile and mint help human body relax and recover from the pain of a tension headache.

Aromatherapy with herbs that smell strong and soothing helps to relief from cluster headache. Mixture of can be one of the following peppermint, eucalyptus, sandalwood and lavender. Candles are made with these herbals lay down with closed eyes near to burning candles with keep you away from cluster headaches. Rub oils are also be made with this herbs you can find that at temples and nostrils. We can also make it own by mixing lavender oil with water and soaking wash cloth in it and apply in your head.

Also try these homemade Headache medicines

  • 2 spoons of dried, valerian
  • 2 spoons of dried, chamomile
  • 2 spoons of dried, skullcap
  • 2 spoons of dried, peppermint
  • 2 spoons of dried, rosemary
  • Honey

Grind all this mixture in a food processor or coffee grinder till it gets soft powder store it in a cool place and used it whenever you feel headache. Note the mixture should be used within two weeks of grinding.


Consult and talk with doctor before use any of these medicines because no one can judge the exact problem without medical knowledge. You may get side affects if you should not consult with doctor.

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