Convinient ways of tattoo removals

Convinient ways of tattoo removals

There are times when people get bored of the tattoos that they don and want to remove them permanently. During such circumstances, visiting a trusted aesthetic clinic would help you recognize the right tattoo removal techniques that would prove to be highly efficient.  Listed below are the convenient ways that can be helpful in removing the tattoo to a great extent.

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  1. Learn about all the available laser options for tattoo removal

It is always better to consult a trusted expert regarding the number of options available for the tattoo removal. There are basically three types of lasers available in the market today which include the Q-switched lasers, ruby lasers, and YAG lasers. You can pick up the one according to the color of your tattoo and design. Ruby lasers work best for darker colors such as black, blue, yellow, or green.  Q-switching laser, on the other hand, is the most common of all and has been in use since generations. The YAG laser treatment is the newest among the three and might prove to be a bit expensive.

  1. Use Make Up to Cover Up the Tattoo

If you are scared of the laser removal technique, then applying makeup over the tattoo can prove to be highly effective. Concealer is the best available in this case and can hide the tattoo effectively. You just need to pick up the color of the concealer that matches your skin tone and applies it.

  1. Use a salt scrub

At times, the tattoo can be easily removed with the help of a salt scrub. However, make sure that you rub it gently over your skin so that it does cause damage. Use this trick regularly to see effective results.

  1. Tattoo Removal Creams

There are several tattoo removal creams available in the market today which can prove effective if used for this purpose. Consult an expert if you are willing to opt for this measure as he would help you to select the right one that won’t harm your skin.

  1. Saline Treatment

Saline treatments are highly effective in tattoo removal. In this, the pigment is injected into the skin which is basically a salt solution. This helps in extracting out the skin and leaves it completely renewed. The process is not painful and might take at least three weeks to get recovered.

  1. Lemon and salt

Scrubbing lemon and salt on your skin would eventually lighten it up although it won’t remove the tattoo completely at first. This combination acts as a great scrub and won’t even damage the skin which makes it the best home remedy for tattoo removal.

  1. Honey

Honey along with aloe vera gel, sugar-free yogurt, and salt can make for an effective tattoo removal scrub. Mix the ingredients well so that they achieve a consistency in the form of a paste. Now apply it to the tattoo area and scrub gently. Do not be too harsh on the skin and leave it for some time so that the skin absorbs the cream completely.

  1. Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is probably the quickest way to remove the tattoo from the skin completely. The cost of the surgery varies according to the area that would be covered. If the laser is something that you do not prefer, then opting for plastic surgery technique would help in coating a layer of the skin above the tattoo thus hiding it away.

These were some of the best ways that you can use for tattoo removal. Try out the ones that suit you the best!

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