Do You Find It Difficult To Lose Weight after a Certain Point?

tips from expert on how to lose weight effectively

You get positive results when you started following a weight loss plan, but after a couple of weeks, you have realized that you hit a plateau. You will find it difficult to cross that hurdle and this is the reason you are not getting results. You were following your weight loss and exercise plan religiously to achieve a fit and lean body. Suddenly you realized that the weighing scale has stopped budging. This is for sure that you are consuming a low carbohydrate diet and following a workout routine. Now a million dollar question is that why you stopped losing weight. When you started your weight loss program that time it looks like that your body is eager to drop the weight, then what is the reason that you are losing weight has come to a standstill. The answer is simple; you have hit a weight loss plateau. You can get tips from expert on how to lose weight effectively.

Let us understand the concept of losing weight. When you lose weight, you not only burn accumulated fat, but you also lose some muscles along with it. If you have a muscular body, then muscles will keep your metabolic rate high.

Let us now understand that while your body loses weight when you starve. When you cut down calories drastically body release the glycogen from the liver and muscles. This is a form of carbohydrate and it is form of water. If your body will burn glycogen to get energy, then naturally your body will lose water weight. The total body weight will drop you will get instant results, but these results are temporary. There is a limit after, which you cannot go with the starvation technique. Moreover,applying this technique for long will also enhance the fat percentage in your body.

Here are a couple of things, which you have to do after hitting a plateau

Re-evaluate eating habits

Maybe you are missing somewhere and cannot check on your calorie intake. Maybe you are consuming your favorite food items and getting unwanted calories. You can ask for tips from expert on how to lose weight effectively.

Not doing physical activity

The right amount of physical activity will help you burn accumulated body fat and enhance metabolic rate. You may not be exercising enough. In order to get positive results, add 30 minutes more to your exercise program. During the extra 30 minutes, you can walk on a treadmill after weight training. This is the time when your body has used all the available energy from your body. If you will walk or do cardio after weight training, then your body will burn accumulated body fat.

Stay active

You are seriously working out in the gymnasium, but outside of a gym, you have limited your activities. You do not need to limit your physical activity outside the gym. Find out a couple of more ways to burn your calories outside your fitness center. You can do several things in your home like gardening, or cleaning to stay active and burn calories.

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