Dr. Sandeep Nayak: The Best Cancer Healer

Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Cancer Considered as one of the deadliest disease in today’s world let us brief as to what exactly this dangerous disease is. In simple words, cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in and around the different organs of a human body. There are more than 200 types of cancers.As per cancer treatment is concerned you must prefer India for the cancer treatment there are

Dr.SandeepNayak-Considered as one of the best oncologist in India.

The best oncologist in India who you should consult in such situation of cancer is none other than Dr.SandeepNayak.

Dr Nayak is the pioneer who has introduced the latest technology of robotics and laparoscopy cancer surgery in India.

 He has been considered as one of the few cancer specialists in India who has gone abroad to gain knowledge on basic and advanced robotic and laparoscopy cancer surgery. Having an experience of 19years Dr.Nayak has carried out many surgeries in many cancer centres in India and has a high success rate in all the surgeries till now.

His contribution in the field of advanced cancer surgery has made advancement in the field of medical science in India.

Robotic Cancer Surgery byDr.SandeepNayak

Dr.SandeepNayak is one of the few surgical oncologists in India who carries out this type of advanced robotic treatment. Robotic cancer surgery is the most modern technique of cancer surgery.

Robotic cancer surgery is basically the use of robots to assist the surgeon in carrying out the surgery successfully. Dr.SandeepNayak is considered one of the best oncologist in India who carries out cancer surgery with the help of a robot. 

Robotic Thyroid Surgery (RABBIT) by Dr.SandeepNayak:

This Technique of Dr.SandeepNayak which helps to remove the minimal invasive part or some times the entire thyroid gland.This is the most effective technique for surgeons and patients to get the better effective results.Dr.SandeepNayak advices patients to prefer the advance treatment for the cancer surgeries which helps them to get more benefits like

  • Less scars on neck
  • Reduces the chances of parathyroid gland.
  • Reduces the chances of laryngeal

Features of Robotic cancer surgery carried out by Dr.SandeepNayak are

  • Robotics cancer surgery is done with the help of “Da Vinci surgical system”.
  • The doctor obtained 3D and high definition images of the internal body with help of camera placed on the system.
  • The surgeon has control of the robot while performing the surgery.
  • The robot can reach those places inside the body which a human cannot reach.
  • The robots are able to reach narrow spaces like the oesophagus, prostate, kidney and throat.

Types of cancer surgery done through robot by Dr.SandeepNayak are

Head and Neck Cancer

This type of cancer is detected when the patient find difficulty in swallowing due to abnormal growth of the cell in the pharynx region(base of tongue) and the larynx region(voice box).

     Robotic Technique of Dr.Nayak for Head and Neck Cancer

  • TORS- Transoral Robotic Surgery
  • It is a minimal access surgery wherein the surgery is carried out through the mouth area.
  • Cancer affected region is operated without cut opening the skin.
  • Nayak performs this surgery with help of controllable robots arms.

Prostatic Cancer

Prostate cancer is diagnosed when cancer cell starts growing in the prostate gland, which is also known as the male sexual organ situated deep inside the hip bone.

Robotic Technique of Dr.Nayak for Prostate Cancer

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

  • There are many advantages in this advanced technology as compared to conventional open prostate surgery.
  • This technique helps Dr.Nayak to have more access to the gland which is located deep inside as compared to conventional open cancer surgery.

Rectal Cancer

Rectal is the last part of the intestine where the stool is stored. The cancer cells start growing around the intestinal area.

The robotic technique of Dr.Nayak for Rectal Cancer

  • Abdominal – Perennial Resection (APR)

This type of surgery is carried out for the removal of cancer from the back passage (rectum)

  • Anterior Resection or Low Anterior Resection

This type of surgery is carried out for removing the tumour from the back passage (rectum) which is away from the anal muscles.

Oesophagus Cancer

The oesophagus is the pipe that carries the food from the mouth to the stomach. Oesophagus cancer is a common type of cancer in which it causes difficulty in carrying the food to the stomach.

Robotic Technique by Dr SandeepNayak for oesophagus cancer

  • Transthoracic Esophagectomy

In this surgery, the surgeon with the help of the robots cuts the cancer affected oesophagus and connects the stomach with the rest of the healthy part of the oesophagus.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in women in whom generally the organ which produces eggs also known as the uterus. The cancer cells start growing in the uterus.

 Robotic Technique by Dr SandeepNayak for Ovarian Cancer

  • Hysterectomy

This is a minimally invasive surgery in which the female ovary organ is removed from the patient’s body.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer is diagnosed when cancer cells start growing in the pancreas which is situated behind the lower part of the stomach.

Robotic Technique carried by Dr SandeepNayak for Pancreatic Cancer.

  • Robotic Whipple Surgery

In this robotic surgery, the cancer cell is removed from the pancreatic area or from the bile with the help of robotic-assisted arms.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is the cancer cells which starts growing in the thyroid gland which is situated at the bottom of the neck. The patient finds difficulty in swallowing.

Robotic Technique carried out by Dr SandeepNayak for Thyroid Cancer

  • Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery (MITS)

A small cut is made in the neck to remove the cancer cell from the thyroid gland.

  • Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery

In this surgery, small cuts are made around the armpit and nipple area to access the thyroid gland.

Why should you choose DrSandeepNayak?

Dr Nayak is not only a good surgical oncologist in India but he is also a good person by heart. Dr Nayak strongly believes in the saying that “Precaution is better than cure” and also advices his patient to take preventive measures so as to minimize the risk of cancer.

 Dr Nayak has a strong vision of converting the traditional open cancer surgery with latest laparoscopy and robotic cancer surgery in India so that the patient can recover faster and goes through less discomfort.

Dr.Nayak and his team of doctors strive hard in order to provide quality treatment to the patients.


If you are looking for a surgical oncologist in India who is a pioneer in advanced robotic cancer surgery, then Dr SandeepNayak is the best doctor in the field of cancer treatment.