Effects of testosterone on the body

Effects of testosterone on the body

Our body is made up of many cells and tissues which function through the hormones that are produced by the signaling of the brain. If any one of the hormone is not functioning as it should then there is a lot of issues that are faced by the human being. It seems that testosterone is one hormone which is used for many important functioning of the body but in males only. This is because it is developed in the testicles of the male organs and hence restricted to males only. But you may find testosterone among a few women too in their ovaries but in a limited quantity. It is recommended to keep women away from the use of testosterone in case of any side effects such as deepening of voice or hair on chest and face as well. Testosterone is given to people who have less levels of it and exogenous testosterone implants help them to recover from such an issue.

Do they really need it?

It is not necessary that you are the right candidate to go for testosterone implants in case if you are tested for low testosterone. You need to undergo through many tests related to blood so that the real reason for low testosterone can be determined. If there is no specific reason, then you may not need a testosterone replacement therapy at all. There are many side effects of testosterone replacement therapy which can be negative to your body. It can cause increment of breast tissues which is not a good sign for men. However, there are many body builders who go for this therapy so that they can get some extra energy and make the sue of it to win competitive challenges on a national and international level. But the later stage of negative effects is not known by them. Exogenous testosterone implants can be very harmful for the body and make the riskiest business for many users. It is used for medical purposes so that the patients who need it the most can benefit from it. Therefore, it is not sold over the counter unless you have a proper prescription for it.

Still there are many people who get their regular dose of testosterone without much efforts. It is necessary for us to validate the source of these vendors to know if we consume the right testosterone or not. Testosterone is a natural hormone which is developed in the testes of men and is signaled by the pituitary gland that is situated at the back of the brain. It is of the size of a pea or a raisin and has a lot of potential. If the artificial methods are used to create the testosterone, then it may be possible that the natural method may stop as the pituitary gland will signal that there is good supply of testosterone and it need not be created. All such steroids and supplements should be taken with a thought and researched well so that you get the best benefits from its consumption.

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