Feeding bottles – Aiding Baby care

Feeding bottles - Aiding Baby care

According to the lactation consultants, direct breastfeeding is the best way to properly satisfy a baby’s hunger than any other artificial source or substance. But, talking about the plight of a mother, there may be times when she will not be able to follow little one’s hunger alarm.

To tackle this situation, bottle feeding has definitely lent a helping hand to new mums.

Bottle feeding is quite a healthy and helpful alternative to provide proper nourishment to the little ones. Besides breastfeeding being a traditional way, there are plenty of the benefits of bottle feeding too!

Why bottle feeding? 

Reasons for switching to bottle feeding in the early infancy stage may vary from mother to mother.

  • Bottle feeding provides freedom and flexibility to working mothers to manage infants milk requirement.
  • It helps the mothers to feed the baby in times of nipple sores and illness.
  • It is a very convenient way to determine the amount of milk consumed by a baby.
  • In case of premature delivery, the baby is too weak to breastfeed and thus, the nourishment of the baby is done through pumped bottle feeding.

Introducing bottle feeding to the baby

According to the experts, mothers can appoint the feeding bottles to work for a month old baby too.  In the early stages, baby’s suckling is very minor in terms of breastfeeding. But, sucking milk from a newborn baby bottle requires different movements using tongue and mouth. Thus, it may take time for a baby to get adjusted to a feeding bottle but eventually shows a smooth transition.

How to select a feeding bottle?

One needs to be very alert to certain factors to consider before buying a feeding bottle for the infant.

  • Material – Usually, feeding bottles are made of glass, silicon, plastic and stainless steel. Silicon and stainless steel feeding bottles are light, BPA free, unbreakable but not in the convenient reach of the customer as they are not sold in drugstores or grocery. Glass feeding bottle is expensive and heavy but BPA free. It is sold widely amongst masses and serves a good quality. Whereas plastic bottles are inexpensive but the quality gets deteriorated over a short span of time.
  • Shape – Traditional feeding bottles are tall and curved at the corners. The ergonomic design of the traditional newborn baby bottle is child-friendly. Wide-necked bottles are easy for measuring formula milk but difficult for a baby to hold.

Best of feeding bottles 

It is a very common habit in toddlers to get attached to their feeding bottles. In addition to providing milk, bottles for a baby can become a source of comfort and ease. Thus, selecting the best of newborn baby bottles becomes important.

Some of the reliable and clinically certified supplies in this range are Philips Avent Classic Feeding Bottles, Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottles, Pigeon Peristaltic 240ml Nursing Bottle Kpp etc. Also, Philips Fast Bottle Warmer can aid you to heat the milk in the feeding bottle itself with ease.

So, grab the best of baby care supplies now!