Follow The Tips To Avoid Weight Gain After Weight Loss Procedure

Weight Loss Procedure

Obesity is one of the top reasons for premature deaths across the world and with the number of deaths on the rise, people have become more and more concerned about their weight. While it is common for people to associate overweight (obesity) with eating habit, it is important to understand that there are several other reasons that cause weight problems.

According to weight loss surgeons in Dubai, genetics may also be a reason for obesity and overweight. Such people find it difficult to lose weight even after diet and lifestyle changes. Weight loss procedure is an option for such people.

People in Dubai opt for gastric balloon, which is a  procedure involving the insertion of a deflated balloon (which expands in the stomach) inside the stomach. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes and the patient will have the inflated balloon for 6 to 12 months depending upon type of balloon choosen. This procedure helps the patient control their eating habits and thus helps weight loss. However, the results of the procedure may not last long if the patient doesn’t make certain lifestyle changes post the treatment.

A bariatric professional will be the right person explain how a gastric balloon procedure is a good option to lose weight, it can be challenging to retain the results for a long-term. A lot of people who have undergone the gastric balloon in Dubai approach them for tips and trick to retain the results.

Weight loss surgeons in Dubai reveal five major tips to keep up with the results obtained from the treatment.

Tip 1: Plan your diet

Watching what you eat is one of the most important things for healthy weight management, even after a weight loss treatment. It is important that you talk to a nutritionist and get a healthy, realistic diet plan which includes lean protein, minerals and carbs. The nutritionist will also advise you to keep a check on the portion size to prevent overeating. Visit the nutritionist regularly so they can adjust the diet from time to time.

Tip 2: Stay active

There are many people who get the treatment done and relax after it. Though the procedure helps get rid of the extra kilos, it is on you to keep up with the results, and this can be achieved through exercising. Prepare a fitness routine and start exercising regularly. See to it that you include resistance and cardiovascular exercises for the best results. These exercises help build lean muscle mass and increase metabolism.

Tip 3: Don’t skip your meals

Eating and weight are interlinked but that doesn’t mean that you can maintain healthy weight by skipping meals. On the contrary, skipping meals can result in weight gain as you tend to overeat when you sit down to eat after long hours of fasting.

Tip 4: Stay happy

The treatment and sudden weight loss may impact your hormones and cause stress and mood swings. You need to take care of this and take care of yourself, so you don’t fall prey of depression or anxiety post weight loss. You may also have apprehensions about the way you look post the weight loss. However, you should think of the positive effects that you will have. You can fight this by joining a support group, or by spending time with your loved ones.

Tip 5: Don’t get demotivated

It is quite common to gain weight within the first few months of the treatment. But don’t let this demotivate you and don’t stop your efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Understand that it is natural for patients to regain a little weight after the treatment because of the healthy food consumed after the procedure. However, the gained kilos can be shredded off by following the doctor’s instructions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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