Intra-Venous Micronutrient Therapy

Intra-Venous Micronutrient Therapy

Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy, otherwise IVMT, is a treatment technique which usages nutrients for example vitamins or minerals plus administers these straight into the bloodstream somewhat than taking these nutrients as oral supplements which is more communal. There are numerous advantages of giving the body nutrients through the intravenous method. You can get treatment in IV Vitamin therapy Clinic in NYC.

First, by injecting stuff directly into the bloodstream you remove any change in the nutrients which might occur from the activities of digestive enzymes. Second, the number of nutrients in the blood could reach much higher, more therapeutic heights faster than is likely by absorbing nutrients over the Gastro-Intestinal scheme. This may be mainly important if a patient is suffering from a GI scheme disorder where immersion of nutrients is impaired. In some cases, the IV usage of micronutrients permits much-advanced levels that are likely even with a healthy GI scheme.


The materials used in IVMT are vitamins plus minerals which are considered as “Essential Nutrients” – that stuff our bodies must have in order to be healthy or even survive but are incapable of making from other raw materials. Traditionally, Essential Nutrients were obtained from the food we eat. In modern times, however, the poor quality of our over-processed foods means that most of us are severely deficient in these Essential Nutrients. Deficiencies of these nutrients, in fact, are associated with most chronic illnesses. Providing the body with Essential Nutrients it badly needs is generally healthy for most people. Small risks are associated with the intravenous injection process, which may include bruising around the injection site, and are similar to the risks of having your blood drawn for lab tests.

Side Effects of treatment can include bruising around the site of the needle stick. Some patients may have a tendency to vascular fragility and can suffer a phenomenon known as “infiltration”, in which the walls of the vein rupture and the IV fluid leaks into the surrounding tissue causing local burning. This will dissipate within a short period of time, but the IV site will need to be moved to another vein. Some patients may have small or hard-to-find veins. In rare instances, if you have small veins or are especially prone to vascular fragility, you may not be a candidate for IVMT. In some instances, a period of high dose oral nutrients can build up your nutritional state and help strengthen your veins to the point you can use the IVMT therapy.


The vitamins and minerals used in IVMT are co-factors in biochemical reactions in every cell in our bodies. As a result, IVMT can be used as an adjunct in any condition where low levels of nutrients or other nutritional deficiencies are suspected. Acute and chronic infectious illnesses often respond quickly to IVMT. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Inflammatory GI conditions, acute trauma and many others all respond to IVMT for many patients. Get treatment in IV Vitamin therapy Clinic in NYC.

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