Is Zumba the Solution to Mental Health?

Zumba the Solution to Mental Health

A healthy dose of exercise does the body a world of good. Such timeliness comes from the current state of the mental health condition that affects thousands of people in all countries; this number increases gradually each year. In the continents of Asia and Africa, Zumba continues to drive its impact through its health and mental benefits. The calories burned in a zumba dance workout are not the only thing taken away from the activity—the chance to get personal with the instructors and fellow participants becomes a massive self-esteem boost and motivates more people to join. Regular exercise is heavily recommended for those with mental health problems because it releases endorphins that can calm and relax the body.

Camaraderie with Exercise

Zumba is not merely a form of distraction for those suffering depression, ADHD or bipolar disorder. Because the workout deals with group with a scheduled time to get to know one another, frequent participants unknowingly develop friendships and connections that diffuse the traumatic experiences in their life. Treatment can be emotionally exhausting and expensive for those suffering; Zumba manages to release their stress through endorphins during the session. Several health clubs and gyms have decided to give free Zumba classes or at a minimum price so that anyone has the opportunity to the exercise. Whenever calories burned in a Zumba dance workout, it is comforting to know that there are people who are mentally healing.

A case study was done in Uganda where 35 percent of the population suffer from a form of mental illness. Those receiving treatment are only half of this number. Part of the exercise’s efficacy is the type of music used, or rather, the flexibility of the music used. Most Zumba tunes have an upbeat rhythm that ignite positive energy and stimulate the person into movement.

Giving Back

Not just about those who join the classes but also the instructors see Zumba as a way to inspire through teaching. For example, dance instructors in an African hospital encourages not only people with mental illnesses but those who are currently in rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. The sessions provide them with a unique opportunity to share common stories with their fellow patients and allow them to heal. If one considers calories burned in a zumba dance workout, it is a relief to know that there is more to look forward to than just losing weight. For some people, it is about the support. The good thing about Zumba is that the exercise is a joy enough experience in itself. Adding to the enthusiasm is the gift of lifted spirits and knowing that is always an opportune time to bond, even in the most unlikely places like Zumba sessions.

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