Overview about Testosterone Cypionate

Overview about Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is available in the form of an injectable solution and is a branded drug. It is only available as an injectable solution and hence must be taken after prescription by a doctor. It is used sometimes in the treatment of hypogonadism in males which is a condition in which sex hormone testosterone is not produced in enough quantities by the males.

Common warnings for people looking to use testosterone cypionate —

  1. Effect on heart – According to some short-term studies, it is known that this drug can result in an increased risk of stroke or heart attack.
  2. effect on liver – long-term use of this compound can expose you to the risk of liver problems such as hepatitis or liver cancer.
  3. Blood clot – it can cause risk of developing a blood clot in the lungs and legs.
  4. Misuse warning – if the drug is misused and taken at a higher dose then it can lead to an increased risk of severe health problems. This includes conditions such as depression, heart failure, heart attack and psychosis.

Why is testosterone cypionate used?

This drug is used widely by athletes as well as bodybuilders but you must buy it from legit steroid sites 2017. it is also used to treat conditions such as hypogonadism in males. If there is a low level of testosterone in males then it can cause issues such as poor concentration, mood changes, erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. Even conditions such as breast growth, anemia, reduced growth of penis and testicles, loss of body hair and muscle mass, and osteoporosis are common. This drug is effective in both types of hypogonadism i.e. hypogonadotropic and primary.

How does the steroid work?

This drug performs well if it is bought from legit steroid sites 2017. if not then it can be fake and produce severe side effects. This compound belongs to a class called androgens. It works by increasing the capability of the body to produce testosterone.

Side effects of testosterone cypionate —

Common side effects of this drug include hair growth, pain, and swelling in the area where it is injected, acne, frequent erections, mood swings, breast enlargement, headache, erections last longer than normal, decrease in the sperm count as well. If these side effects are mild then you can ignore it, but if not then it is required to consult a physician immediately.

Serious side effects – this includes life-threatening side effects of the drug such as —

  • Heart attack which is symbolized by chest pain, discomfort in the upper body and shortness of breath.
  • A stroke which can be detected by a slurred speech or weakness on one side of the body.
  • Prostate gland enlargement which has symptoms such as frequent urge to urinate, trouble in urination, nocturia, weak urine stream, straining while urination, not able to completely empty bladder etc.
  • Prostate cancer
  • Liver problems etc.

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