Prevent chemical pollution to affect your health inside your home

Prevent chemical pollution to affect your health inside your home

There are many different pollutants which are responsible for creating pollution in the environment. Each of these pollutants is also having a negative impact on our health while causing many different kinds of diseases. One needs to be aware of these pollutants and should take precautionary measures by which they can control these pollutants.

It is not possible to control the extent of pollutants outdoors but one can definitely control the amount of pollution which is taking place indoors. One should take sufficient care in order to have the minimum impact of these pollutants on the body of an individual. For doing that one can reduce the chances of the existence of the pollution in the indoor environment of the house itself.

Ways to reduce indoor pollution of our home

Few of the factors are there which one can monitor in order to have a control over the indoor pollution of their home. We have discussed few such factors which we can take precise control of to reduce the harmful effect of these pollutants.

  1. Reducing the levels of volatile organic compounds: These elements are normally present in several home products which will include newer carpets, paint, plywood, air fresheners and many more. One can avoid smoking indoors to reduce this pollution. Proper ventilation is the key solution of reducing this pollution to occur indoors of the house. Even controlling the humidity is having a positive impact over the presence of some VOC’s.
  2. Filtering Drinking Water: It is required to properly filter the drinking water before it is consumed. Even if the water which is supplied in your area is of good quality there is a chance of the presence of small traces of lead, chlorine, E. Coli, and even pesticides. When we perform the filtering over this water it will tend to remove these contaminants.
  3. Chemical Free Cleaning Products: We are using many of the cleaning products to clean various parts of our home. It is having many different kinds of harsh cleaning chemicals. One should ensure that these products don’t contain any chemicals so that it doesn’t have any detrimental effect on the indoor environment and also on the individuals who are residing over there.
  4. Reducing the use of toxins in your garden: Many different kinds of toxins and chemicals are used for cleaning the garden or removing the insects from there. One should try to use the minimum amount of such toxin chemicals in order to have precise control over the insects in the garden. The fertilizer which is selected should also be done with great care as there are chances of harmful chemicals being present in the same. A soil test is also possible in order to identify the likely presence of different fertilizers present and other chemicals too.


Thus, we can say that there are many sources of chemical pollution in our house in terms of either indoors or outdoors. One should try their best to prevent chemical pollution so that they are not having any kind of effect on the health of the individuals who are residing over there.

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