The best way to wax

Legs impec and soft skin, we all dream. But, between the razor, the depilatory cream, the laser or the pulsed light, which method to choose? For each type of skin, its solution. Double regrowth, reactive skin, fine or very fine hair, we went around the problem. So, for a successful hair removal, follow the guide …

The double regrowth

The problem  A week after having shaved, it stings again. We have two lengths of hair and it is the double penalty: we are never totally clear and we depilate twice more often.

The solution  The ideal is to put all this small world at the same height. We must arm ourselves with patience, until all the hair comes out. The latex is given a boost by smoothing the skin with regular scrubsand the daily application of a moisturizing formula. And we opt rather for the methods by pulling (epilator or wax), because they limit the recurrences.

1. Electrical Epilator, Wet & Dry, Skin Respect, Calor, 69,99 €

2. Body Scrub, Olive Core Powder, 200 ml, Olive in Provence, 20,50 €

Fine hair

The Problem  As they are more fragile, they break easily when epilated with wax or electric epilator. In addition, fine hairs are so clear that they become almost invisible. Result: some of them are missing.

The solution  Take action when they are not too long, or too short (around 3 mm), to tear them away from the roots without breaking them. We choose a well-lit place or place under a lamp to not miss any hair. Good news: as the hair is not very developed, one can afford all methods of hair removal, even the razor.

3. Hydro Silk Bikini, Hydro, 2-in-1, Hydro Silk Bikini, Wilkinson, 9,50 €

4. Depilatory Cream, Legs & Body, Fragrance Fruity, 200 ml, Laurence Dumont, 4,30 €

Heavy hairs

The problem  They are dark and very visible. To touch, they sting and are thick. Result: they are seen as soon as they grow back, even a millimeter.

The solution  It is preferable to choose the solutions that pull the hair with the root, to space the time of regrowth and to refine the hair during the sessions. As this hair is quite dense, the heat of the wax or epilators in the shower is used to dilate the pores and facilitate the extraction of the hair. When the skin is not yet tanned, one can try the pulsed light, which eliminates the hairs gradually and almost permanently.

5. Electric Epilator, Silk-Epil 9, Skin Spa, Braun, 199 €

6. Divine Wax, 100% Natural Origin, Amber, Myrrh & Blackberry, 380 g, Nair, 8,90 €

The ingrown hairs

The problem  These hairs do not succeed in crossing the skin. Consequence: they grow under the skin, bend, cause a small inflammation, then a button.

The solution  To help them get out, they hydrate every day and exfoliate twice a week. Alcohol-based lotions are used immediately after epilation, to limit bacterial growth, and the fruit acids are placed between two regrowths to revive the natural exfoliation. In order to make room clean, we forget razors and epilators for the benefit of warm or cold waxes.

7. My Cold Cold, Special Bikini, 12 bands, Blondépil, 3,89 €

8. Incarnate Hair Solution, SOS Undercoat, Minute Epilate, 10 ml, Body’Minute, 10,90 €

Very reactive skin

The problem  The skin is rather fine and reddening easily. It heats, pecks and after the wax or epilator, small red dots appear for at least twelve hours.

The solution  Shaving foams or hair removal creams are tested on a corner of the skin to ensure that no undesirable reaction occurs. All the hairs did not leave the first passage? It does not start again, because it’s irritating. The remaining ones are removed with the tweezers. When finished, the epidermis is relieved with a soothing cream, which reduces redness.

9. Cream Depilation, Body, 3 Oils 100% Natural, 150 ml, Acorelle, 9,90 €

Ultra-fast regrowth

The problem  Fifteen days after the session with the esthetician, the hairs have already repulsed well, you are obliged to return. With the razor or depilatory cream, it’s waxing operation every day to be clear.

The solution  In your case, we prefer methods that pull the hair, to save time. And, between epilations, the care slows down regrowth. If the skin is clear and the hair dark, devices producing pulsed light can be interesting to keep the skin nickel longer. In any case, one abandons the soft methods like the razor or the depilatory cream.

10. Care, Post’Epilation, Green Tea, Sensation Thailand, 100 ml, Bernard Cassière, 16 €

11. Pulsed Light Hair Remover , Homelight Sensor, Babyliss, 269,90 €

12. Pulsed Light Hair Remover, Lumea Prestige, BRI956 / 00, Philips, 549 €

We untangle the truth from the false …

“Hair removal is done in the direction of hair growth”

False.  It is advisable to apply the wax in the direction of the hair, but to pull it in the opposite direction. Thus, it leaves with its root, risks less to break and one limits the ingrown hairs.

“The razor must be passed in the opposite direction of the hair”

In principle, yes. This leaves the skin soft and facilitates a close shave. But this favors ingrown hairs. If this is your case, it is better to pass the razor the other way.

“The integral epilation of the jersey is more hygienic”

False. Hair protects against viruses, bacteria or rubbing of clothing. In addition, shaving and epilating on this sensitive area create minerions, altering the barrier function of the skin.

“After shaving, you can immediately apply a deodorant”

False.  The skin is a little weakened by the passage of the blades. The ideal is to shave in the eveningbecause, during the night, the epidermis repairs.

“Laser hair removal is not permanent”

True.  If it guarantees lasting hair removal, some maintenance sessions are necessary. Due to a hormonal dysregulation (pregnancy type), hair can return.

“Too much epilation damages the skin in the long term”

False.  Certainly shaving weakens the hydrolipidic film, but you just have to moisturize the skin just after.

“The skin is not hydrated before applying the wax”

True.  For the wax to be effective, it must adhere to the skin. It is therefore recommended to depilate after the shower, because the water dissolves the fatty substances. The epilating area may also be slightlytapered.

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