The Prominent Eyes? What Medical Affections Hide Behind

The Prominent Eyes What Medical Affections Hide Behind

Eyes can tell a lot about an individual, but they may also signal a lot of problems. When you know how to pay attention to your eyes, it is not hard at all to come up with a self-diagnostic. Of course, some symptoms are general, but persistent signs will most likely underline a medical affection. Sometimes, the respective condition may not even be related to the ocular system.

According to Daily Health Tips, prominent eyes may underline a lot of issues. When this symptom is present from birth, this is usually a family characteristic. However, if your eyes tend to become prominent overtime, this is definitely a medical problem. It can also represent a primary symptom of hyperthyroidism. The good news is that such cases are quite rare. The bad news is that such a symptom will most likely represent a sign of the Basedow Graves’ disease, which is triggered by a slight hyper.activity of the thyroidal gland The disease is autoimmune. It is defined by a weak thyroidal gland that is attacked by its own antibodies. This way, the antibodies determine an excessive amount of thyroidal hormones. They accelerate the metabolism and sometimes they may do it to very dangerous levels.

The hormonal excess may also affect the muscular tissues, while the fat ends up depositing around the eyes. This is how the eyes become prominent. This affection is defined as the Graves’ disease. About 50% of the Basedow Graves’ disease patients also suffer from the Graves affection. In reality, the symptoms show up before the disease is even diagnosed. A few other symptoms include hand tremor, insomnia, heat intolerance, an increased food appetite, excessive thirst, palpitations or an abnormal weight loss.

Desi Health Tips agrees that the Basedow Graves’ disease is eight times more frequent in women than in men. At the same time, women present a five times higher risk to develop thyroidal problems. When it comes to the Graves affection, the patients also encounter problems while blinking. They look lost, while their vision is stuck in the air. The eyes that do not blink enough will obviously produce an insufficient quantity of tears, so they get irritated or dry. In some cases, it is practically impossible to completely close the eyes. This is when sleeping becomes extremely complicated. In severe cases, doctors recommend a surgical operation to prevent the disease from spreading to the ocular globe too

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