The simplest weapon in the fight against air pollution

The simplest weapon in the fight against air pollution

An anti-pollution mask helps you breathe in purer air even in a city riddled with air pollution – and keeps you and your loved ones safer for longer.

If you are what you breathe, then your health is certainly in dire straits if you live in the city! Today, most people living in the metros and smaller cities and towns grapple with monstrous amounts of air pollution. Far from having clear blue skies, there is a thick layer of grey smog in the air, and there is ample dust in it to cause you to cough and gasp. However, there is no option but to breathe in this toxic air – or is there?

A viable alternative, and a simple one, is to use an anti-pollution mask. You cannot control the quality of air, but you can certainly ensure that pollutants don’t enter your system!

What is an anti-pollution mask?

An anti-pollution mask is a face mask that covers the lower half of your face. It serves the dual function of creating a barrier between the polluted air and your body, and also filtering out the pollutants from the air that enters your body.

The best anti-pollution masks are designed to keep out the harmful pollutants in the air that you breathe. These pollutants include particulate matter (whether microscopic or larger in size), toxic gases, dust, and moisture. These substances must not be allowed to enter the human body, because they can cause a range of respiratory and blood disorders. Particulate matter, especially, can line the bronchial cavity and cause a wide range of disorders, from asthma to pneumonia.

Thus, an anti-pollution mask is tasked with the job of filtering out the air you breathe, on a constant basis.

How should you use the anti-pollution mask?

  • It is strapped on to the face and held in position by means of elastic bands that wrap around the head.
  • It covers the lower half of the face, and can be adjusted to suit both children and adults.
  • The best anti-pollution masks are fitted with micro fans. The fan keeps the temperature inside the mask pleasant by removing humidity and heat trapped inside. Thus, you feel comfortable enough to keep the mask on for as long as you need. In the absence of the fan, you will feel hot and clammy inside the mask, and take it off after just a few hours of use!
  • The best anti-pollution masks today are able to keep out over 95% of pollutants in the air sample that you breathe. This means that while air pollution rages around you, you and your loved ones are assured of breathing clean air as long as you use the mask.

Using an anti-pollution mask is the first step towards ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and pure, and not riddled with pollutants. The mask can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones healthy and fit.

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