Tips To Remember While Taking Pregnancy Tests For More Accurate Results

Remember While Taking Pregnancy Tests For More Accurate Results

Pregnancy is arguably one of the most important events in the life of a human being. Almost always the news of pregnancy can usher in new tides of hope, expectations and happiness. It is the kind of announcement that is awaited by not only the couple but the family members as well. However at times false alarms can happen, especially due to the added pressure on most to bring in a new addition to the family. The announcement of such a news, if turns out to be a false alarm can dampen the mood of everyone.

Despite of the presence of different types of pregnancy tests, false alarms are not quite as uncommon as we would want it to be, because it becomes really stressful and demoralizing in such events. So, one must remain extra careful while testing for pregnancy in the first place itself. Though there are a lot of physical symptoms that confirm pregnancy but tests are a sure shot way to determine the facts. Broadly there are three kinds of pregnancy tests that are used. These are:

  1. Home pregnancy testing kits
  2. Clinical tests using urine sample
  3. Testing the blood

While the bottom two are more accurate and efficient when it comes to determining whether the lady in question is pregnant or not, but it is the home pregnancy testing kits that are the most popularly used. These kits can be available in various forms like digital tests or even the standard forms. The main reason for the immense popularity of these testing kits over the different types of pregnancy tests at the doctors is their ease of access and almost hassle free nature of conducting the tests. Also the fact that these tests are relatively cheaper makes it the go to option for a lot of people.

So listed below are a few tips to ensure accurate pregnancy test results from this widely popular home kits, since they are prone to being used in the wrong way producing incorrect information.

  • Choosing the right home pregnancy testing kit is the key to better and more accurate results. These kits work by measuring the levels of human chronic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine samples of the test taker. Pregnant women tend to have higher levels of hCG ranging from 50mIU/ml to about 250. Some pregnancy testing kits are more sensitive than others and hence can track very low levels of hCG making them a better choice.
  • To get more accurate results one must remain patient and avoid taking the test way too early which might result in false negatives.
  • While buying medical supplies one must remain extremely alert and make it a point to thoroughly check the expiration date. Home pregnancy testing kits are no different. Always try to procure a fresher unit as it ensures a more accurate result.
  • The best way to ensure correct results is to religiously follow the instructions that come with the kit, and in case of any confusion discuss the issue with a qualified person.

By keeping in mind these few essential points, one can very easily have accurate results making the announcement of the arrival of the new member all the more special.

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