Understanding The Facts About Hand And Wrist Pains

Understanding The Facts About Hand And Wrist Pains

The most common causes of hand and wrist pains are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The inflammation of the joints is also called arthritis. This can cause numbness and cramping, there will also be tingling sensation, and pain. There are also other causes of hand pains which can be a result of fractures, and sometimes, dislocations.

  These joint inflammations may cause tolerable discomfort but may worsen which may make it difficult for the hands to move. When you are one of these individuals who suffer from hand and wrist pains, here are some of the information that you need to know about these cases. You should also understand the complications that these pains may cause.

Most Common Causes of Hand And Wrist Pain

   As mentioned above, there are different causes of hand and wrist pains. But it is important that you understand hand & wrist pain and its causes. Generally, it may be caused by the daily wear and tear, repetitive hand movements, and even the natural aging process. This can also be caused by a sport or work injury.

            There are certain contracting diseases that may cause hand and wrist pains, these are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it can also be caused as a complication of diabetes, and also by gout that specifically affects the hand joints. The joint pains will usually occur because of the inflammation of the bones, the connective tissues, as well as the tendons and the ligaments.

The Symptoms To Watch Out For

            Pain in the arm is common. However, you should be able to differentiate that these pain are caused by the hand or the wrist. So here are the most common symptoms that you should be aware of to single out where the pain comes from.

  • Tired or stiff feeling of the fingers, the wrists and the hands. It may also feel cold or hot, it can also sting and hurt.
  • Limited movement of the wrist and hands.
  • Swelling may be visible in the hand or wrist area.
  • There is a clicking or shifting sound when you are moving your fingers or wrist.
  • When there are early signs of arthritis like the swelling of the fingers and also the covering of the wrists.
  • Pain is felt when lifting an object or just gripping a doorknob.

The Most Common Complications of Hand and Wrist Pain

            On the first onset of joint pains, it should be assessed by an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. You can take pain medications, but the main cause of the pain is not corrected. When the pain is not treated, it can cause permanent immobility of the forearm. For instances that joint or bone pain is experienced after a bone infection, there is a high risk that you can develop internal complications.

Hand and wrist pains should not be taken lightly. The pain may start mild and tolerated, but in time, it can worsen and may lead to serious complications. In order to avoid this, it should be checked and treated right away. Do not just rely on pain relief medications. The cause should be determined and corrected.

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