What You Need to Know about Heavy Metal Contamination of Drinking Water

What You Need to Know about Heavy Metal Contamination of Drinking Water

The most common sources of water are completely contaminated with toxic waste products, which are both residential and industrial. The deadliest contamination that goes undetected in drinking water is heavy metal contamination. A few metals present in drinking water are important for our body as they help in the bodily functions. But, excess of these metals is also deadly.

Heavy metal contamination is the major cause of nervous and cancerous diseases in humans. The only wayto remove these impurities from drinking water is to use the best RO water purifier. Here are the effects of heavy metal contamination of drinking water:

Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination onYour Body

Heavy metals present in water cannot be properly digested or discharged from the human body. Dueto this, they keep getting collected inside our body. You won’t be able to see any instant impact on your body, but like slow poison, these heavy metal impurities cause major problems. These problems are mainly related to the nervous function of the entire system.

Vital organs like kidneys, liver and lungs are other important bodily components harmed by heavy metal contamination. The heavy metals are also carcinogens, thereby causing cancer. Here are the most common effects:

Mercury: Mercury is one of the most dangerous heavy metal impurities. It finds its way into water supply via soil due to the presence of industrial waste, household waste, coal consumption, and acid rain and mining waste. Mercury is responsible for causing nervous and kidney damage.

Lead: The supply to your household via municipal corporations is done through old pipelines. These pipelines get corroded from the inside causing lead to be mixed with the water supply. Lead is also responsible for serious nervous damage. It causes learning difficulties as well as serious kidney failures.

Cadmium: When you mine and smelt lead and zinc, the byproduct is cadmium. Cadmium enters the water supply as waste from mining and plastic industries. Even sewage systems introduce cadmium into the water supply. Cadmium is majorly responsible for kidney diseases.

Arsenic: Poisoning by arsenic is one of the major things that ail adults of today. When copper, zinc and lead is refined, arsenic is released into nature. Arsenic is also released when chemicals and glasses are manufactured. Arsenic is one of the major industrial wastes that enter the water supply. This heavy metal contamination can cause serious problems to the liver, skin and eyesight. It is also one of the major causes for cancer in humans.

There are many other heavy metal impurities, but these are the most common ones found in contaminated drinking water. As all these cause grave health hazards, it is important to get rid of them before drinking water.

Purifying Water of Heavy Metal Contamination

Heavy metal contamination can be easily removed using a series of filtration techniques. The first filter is a sediment filter, which removes all visible heavy metal impurities of size more than 5 microns. After this, RO filtration does the rest. RO filters use a semi permeable membrane to control the total dissolved solids value of water. Once the water passes through this membrane, all the heavy metal impurities are left behind in impure water and you can drink pure water that comes out of the RO purifier.


Heavy metal contamination is a serious problem in today’s society. These impurities are hard to find and hard to eradicate. The problems caused by them are dire but are detected really late. Since prevention is better than cure, you should get an RO water purifier today.

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