Which Brand of Hearing Aid is Best for You?

Brand of Hearing Aid is Best for You

When you have made the decision to purchase a hearing aid the next thing to consider is which brand offers you the best option according to the type you audiologist recommends. There are many manufacturers who supply hearing aids but you might not yet be familiar with their names. Some of the most popular will be freely available through your audiologist’s practice.

  1. ReSound

One of the most well known is the Danish company ReSound who have a reputation for introducing many of the features that are common in many of the hearing aids that are now available. One of their most impressive developments is the Wide Dynamic Range Compression feature which increases amplification across the lower level frequency levels. Some of their other exciting additions include innovative technology to cancel out feedback, a remote microphone and the LiNX, the first ever iPhone version that connects to iPhones and iPads.

  1. Starkey

Starkey introduced the first invisible hearing aid which they had developed as a direct result of their expertise in manufacturing earmoulds. More than two decades later they are still continuing to develop even more sophisticated tiny in the canal (CIC) hearing aids.

  1. Signia

This German company, also known as Siemens, are leaders in the field of digital hearing aids. One of their most beneficial introductions in reducing background noise has been the dual microphone. They have also developed technology that enhances the coordination between two separate hearing aids and continue to increase the use of wireless components.

  1. Phonak

Phonak are based in Switzerland and are pioneers of innovative features that enable those who have hearing loss in only one ear to have streamlined coordination through their CROS/BiCROS system which is a wireless method. One of their most recent innovations has been an in the ear (CIC) device that can be left in place for up to four months. They are also known for supplying hearing aids that are marketed under the brand names of leading chemists.

  1. Widex

This highly successful Danish company continues to focus on the digital technology that has significantly enhanced the performance of their hearing aids. They have also developed improved wax guards and developed a miniaturised receiver that can fit into the ear canal.

  1. Oticon

Based in Denmark, Oticon have concentrated on digitally enhanced hearing aids since they introduced the first ever hearing aid to use a completely digital system. Their recent development has been the coordination of hearing aids with other devices in the Internet of Things. They also one of the leading suppliers of hearing aids that are available through the NHS.

Choosing the Right Brand

Many of the brands concentrate on particular aspects of hearing aid development which will give some an advantage over others depending on your particular needs. With the guidance of an experienced audiologist team such as Hear4U you will have every opportunity to choose the brand that’s best for you.

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